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Maybe I'll get a bottle when I'm in the mood for a new musk. It was magical with the model, I had never seen a lady quite like that, her surroundings, the music and soft voice over. My grandmother actually owned the perfume and she always smelled lovely. Then the funniest thing happened, my grandmother received a bottle for her birthday.

I love the initial white musk blast and it seems like there's something quite interesting hiding beneath waiting to peak out, but then 2 minutes later I can't smell a thing. Since she only wears Poem now, she does not care for it and gave it to me. I have been missing out on something the last years.

Noa used to be "the one " perfume that i craved and longed for till i had enough pocket money back when i was in high school. Time to try something new and explore some more complex perfumes. I immediately recognised it from smelling it on other people, it's familiar and could be worn by different age groups. For me the top notes disappear so quickly I could barely detect them. The middle notes get warmer, I can smell the coffee & vanilla though they are tempered by something green or lemony.

I was given a sample and immediately fell in love with it. Now reminds me of only clean laundry not bad but nothing special anymore for me. I'm not a fan of vanilla and hadn't realised it was in this perfume before I bought it but thankfully it is not cloying and is perfectly balanced so that it's more a sense of warmth than overpowering sweetness.

It's just like fresh good quality coffee beans, neither like stale office coffee nor like a sugary frappuccino. They're all blended beautifully into a background of creamy florals and light warm notes, so the coffee and musk combination really shines.

Feels like the happy breeze that gives you energy on that perfect day in the park. Having spent my 20s and 30s wearing only citrus scents with as few musky or spicy notes as possible I realised in my 40s that these types of scents give me headaches now.I can't bear the smell so it has been passed onto my teenage daughter on whom it smells green and fresh! Noa doesn't smell like Omnia Crystalline but it has the same simple effortlessness and of course an emphasis on musk. My husband adores it since he is a coffee addict and musk lover :) Update: 10 hours after applying this fragrance in the morning and a long day of work I got complimented by a friend when I hugged her :"you smell so nice". As a result this perfume is imbued with such strong emotional connotations that I cannot identify a single note!I was looking for a scent similar to Omnia Crystalline but suitable for autumn (more warmth). Suffice to say: a beautiful scent, softness and femininity personified. I bought it on impulse one of those days i "needed" something new, after testing it in a store.It makes people want to snuggle up next to you, but I guess it is expected when it smells like soft powdery floral.I might even say this perfume is kind of wholesome and have that good girl vibe, I definitely don't picture a clubbing girl wearing this.

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At first I thought the silage was very poor, but as the fragrance develops it seems to become louder though never too much. Safe, clean and warm like a hug from a familiar friend!

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